Big Idea on Anne Carey

Anne Carey is a nurse in south Africa she is treating Ebola patients , many of who will die all  of the Ebola patients   are thankful for all of her support , she did not just try and a cure she sat there with them and made them feel better , but she is also putting her life at risk just being there , it is amazing  what she is doing she is one of the most brevets person in the world on my list . 🙂 🙂 🙁 🙁

Taper mine maths

imagein five six we are learning about renaming numbers it seems boring  but it is fun if u are good at it and just because u are not good at it dose not mean u should give It a try good thx bye ✋✋✋✋✋✋

100 word story


take a deep breath lily ok I’m ready im getting my new phone yayay im sooo happy yay don’t do anything bad said mum and dad I know I’m going to my room now mum dinner was nice and thank u for the phone i sat on my bed and then bhind the door my sister pop out and said rahhh OMG U SCARED ME I don’t like when u do that what are u doing sis how do u turn on the phone ? I said u press the button on the top ok now what u swipe it ok.


Today I’m going to talking about cyber bullying it good answer NO!!!        2.cyber bullying is where u bully someone on network

and that is not a good thing so don’t and do not bully other people because u have been bulled u need to tell some one ok not post something that u are not supposed to ok don’t do it and do not talk to people u don’t know because they might be a stalker so don’t trust them block them if u can ok :P:P:P bye

my term 4 investigations

My investigation for this term is imagine if Antarctica melted, my group and I are making a powerpoint and we have made paper mache. We are going to stick some penguins around our paper mache igloo. My group is Ally,Maddison and Gab Bye (Olivia)


Hi guys,

You guys are thinking what is the best dad of the year award is it is a thing my class is doing

you are writng about what is so good about your dad I think my dad makes me feel special in the inside

I know every one loves their dads as much a I do it does  not matter if you have a step  dad it dose not matter you still love him like he is your real dad!